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Maternity Baskets are specifically designed to support a new mother after birth. Our range is the perfect gift for any new mum to easily carry around the house and feel supported everywhere she goes.

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Our Maternity Baskets

Maternity Baskets aim to provide good quality products and hampers designed specifically around a new mum, to make her life easier.

Every new mum gets gifts for the baby. But, what about her? These hampers are designed for the mother, everything she could need or want packed into a carry basket so she can move it around the home with her.

All new mothers go through different stages with their baby. These maternity hampers are designed to work with her throughout the first few months of being a mum to a newborn. A new mum must be reminded to look after herself during this precious time, because the more she can look after herself, the more she can look after her baby in the best way possible.

She can carry it with her throughout the house, or have a couple of Maternity Baskets strategically placed around the home. These baskets are for her to dip into whenever she finds herself nursing her baby and starts to feel a bit thirsty, hungry, cold, bored, uncomfortable, or needs to quickly fix an emergency.

    What’s in the Basket?

    The Maternity Basket has so many amazing brands and products to support the new mum through her parenting journey. Check out some of the brands and products we have on offer.

      Bolga Basket




      These beautiful baskets are handwoven just outside Bolgatanga, in Ghana. They are made with ethical & sustainable practices. These Bolgas are whats called “authentic slow made pieces”. This means they were made by traditional artists in Ghana, using traditional techniques of weaving elephant grass.

      We have specifically chosen these baskets to bring our Maternity Baskets together. We pride ourselves on the fact they are ethically and sustainably sourced, they are strong and durable and they bring their natural beauty to our brand.

      Mini Journal

      Mini Journal

      The Everyday Mother is a spiral-bound logbook to track feedings, nappy changes, sleep patterns, notes, and reminders. It’s easy to use and very durable.

      This is the perfect daily baby tracker and can be used by parents, and any caretakers. It allows everyone to keep up with baby’s activities, schedule, and routine.

      The journal helps parents focus on cherishing the moments with their child, instead of having to remember every last detail.

      Organic Nursing Pads

      Wet Bag

      Little Strawberries Washable Organic Bamboo Nursing Pads measure 12cm in diameter. These reusable nursing pads are made of three layers of soft organic bamboo fleece which will soothe a chafed nipple, an absorbent microfiber inner layer and an outer layer of leakproof PUL. Perfect for breastfeeding mummies!

      You will also get a little wet bag to store the clean or used nursing pads in.

      Miracle Balm

      Miracle Balm

      Miracle Balm

      MagicMuk is an all-natural, mildly exfoliating, concentrated moisturising, rejuvenating and healing balm that can be directly applied to the body. This all-rounder balm can be used almost anywhere; lips, nipples, stretch marks, nappy rash, cradle cap, dry skin, scars, eczema… wow!



      These Love & Lee blankets are beautifully soft and perfect to use for both Mumma and baby. Feel so comfortably nestled into these beautifully soft and snuggly, 100% natural, bamboo blankets. They are a generously large, 110cm x 130cm blanket that you will surely use for years to come. These grey and white stripy blankets are FREE from the nasty chemicals used on other conventional blankets and are also proudly Oeko-Tex certified. Best of all, every time you wash them, they seem to get softer and softer!

      First Forty Days




      The first 40 days is an amazing book teaching you the art of “zuo yuezi”. This is the time in which a woman remains at home, bonding with her baby, to focus on healing her body after birth.

      This book offers a source of connection, nourishment, and guidance during this transformational time. Not only providing a new mum with nourishing recipes formulated to support her unique needs, but it also offers advice on arranging a system of help during the post­partum period, navigating relationships, and so much more.

      Franjos Kitchen

      Gluten Free, Dairy Free Biscuits

      Gluten Free, Dairy Free Biscuits

      These Franjos Kitchen Vegan & Glutin-Free biscuits are SO GOOD!

      They contain superfoods like flaxseeds, chia, quinoa, teff, coconut oil, and buckwheat. These Tanker Topper biscuits will provide you with a much-needed energy boost while also supporting a healthy milk supply. 

      Full of essential vitamins, minerals and good fats, these delicious little snacks will spoil your tastebuds and your boobies. The only problem you’ll have will be trying to stick to only 2-3 biscuits a day.

      Nurta Organics

      Collagen Snack Bar

      Collagen Snack Bar

      Probiotic Bar

      Support, nourish and repair your body with the collagen beauty bars, probiotic bars and collagen beauty drink. These products are clinically proven to reduce wrinkles and improve skin elasticity & hydration, along with Vitamin C & Zinc to support healthy hair and nails.

      The nourishing snack bars will not only love you from the inside out, but they also love the environment! The snack bars have 100% home compostable wrappers so just chuck them in the compost when you are done 🙂


      Glass Bottle

      Sleep Tea

       This sleek double-walled Glass Tea Bottle holds up to 450ml.  Perfect for hot and cold tea herbal infusions or fruit infused water. We love the quality of glass over chemical leaching plastics. This beautifully designed double walled tea bottle is hand made from borosilicate glass, famous for resisting extreme temperature changes, durability, it’s pure crystal clearness and re-usability. All topped with an eco-sourced bamboo silicon sealed lid and stainless steel strainer. The double walls hold the heat in for over 30 minutes keeping your tea at a drinkable temperature.

      Clean Tea



      About Clean Tea

      Clean Tea is free of chemicals and artificial flavours. These beautiful teas are natural, delicious and beneficial to your wellbeing.

      The ingredients are sustainably sourced, vegan, gluten-free and hand-blended giving the tea something so special to it, and you can tell they are packed full of love.

      About Mothers Love Tea

      The Mothers Love Tea is a loose leaf tea suitable for breastfeeding mums to help reduce colic and wind in babies. Even if you are not breastfeeding, this tea is delicious in flavor and is also beneficial for Mumma’s digestive system. This nourishing combination of herbs helps to calm a tummy and help with digestion.

      About Mothers Love Tea

      The Lactation Tea is a loose leaf tea designed for breastfeeding mums to help support breastfeeding and increase milk supply. This tea is suitable for mum to drink from birth and is caffeine-free, organic, gluten-free, dairy-free and 100% natural.

      Breezy Bird Goodies


      The hummingbird is seen as a symbol of healing, bringers of love, good luck and joy. This beautiful bird will bring all of these things to the new Mumma while reminding her that she is doing such a great job along this incredible journey.

      AirTube Headset

      Exposure to high doses of radiation can be a great concern in today’s society. These AirTube Stereo Headsets reduce radiation to your brain by 99.9% while wearing headphones. It’s stereo configuration allows the user to listen to excellent sound quality with exceptional clarity. They make a great addition to this basket, especially for mums who like to listen to music, podcasts or a book while cuddling their baby.

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      Our Values

      • Eco-Friendly – Our products and packaging are eco-friendly. We use recyclable, reusable and biodegradable materials wherever possible.
      • No Nasties – We don’t like toxins or chemicals in anything and neither should you. We prefer organic products where possible.
      • Healthy – We source health foods aimed around supporting a holistic lifestyle of glutin free, dairy free, natural and organic whole foods.
      • Local – We love supporting local Australian made products. Many of our products are sourced right here in Australia.
      • Ethically Sourced – We source ethically & sustainably where we can, as we believe we should be making a positive difference in this world.


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