Probiotic Energy Bar

Probiotic Energy Bar

This nutrient-dense probiotic energy bar delicious coconut choc chunks rich and Omega 3 and medium-chain fatty acids.

The Coco Biotics Bar contains fermented shelf-stable probiotics and organic fibre rich coconut to help you enhance and focus on gut health and digestive balance.

The Coco Biotics Bar brings you an easy and quick way to get sustained energy into your body, with essential nutrients and its easy to grab a bar while you’re on the go without any of the fuss or guilt.


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Support, nourish and repair your body with the Probiotic Energy Bar. Nutra Organics best selling Coco Biotics probiotic energy bar is a nutrient-dense, delicious coconut choc chunk bar that is rich in Omega 3 and medium-chain fatty acids.

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